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Brain Rules by John Medina

Worth reading: Yes.Totally. A must to.

Word reading twice: At least 3 times. At least !

Writing style: Awesome.

Predominant feeling while reading it: joy, Joy, JOY !

Skipping pages: No. Are you insane – that’s a masterpiece !

Presence of SPAM: Absent.

Presence of useful information: 100%.

Topics covered: Scientific facts (yet to be refuted) about the way our brain operates…. and all the interesting consequences.

Application/Motto: Universal / Learn about your brain.

Conclusion: A must-read for everyone. Everyone. One of the few books that have only and solely useful information written in a wonderful way by a person that knows how to do it :). Done well done John Medina. That books is a masterpiece in every way.

p.s. One of the best things about this book is the lack of any (and I mean ANY) bullshit. The author is great – simply great. Buy this book, give it as a gift, read it !

No Logo by Naomi Klein

Worth reading: Yes.

Word reading twice: Yes, even more.

Writing style: Magazine/Newspaper like. Had the feeling this was one very long and interesting article.

Predominant feeling while reading it: Joy.

Skipping pages: No.

Presence of SPAM: Very low. Mainly due the desire of the author to share additional stories / facts.

Presence of useful information: Very high.

Topics covered: (de)Evolution of our global economy (focus is on the Branding mania). Activism. Loosing jobs and creating ones with more-than-poor working conditions. Companies obsession with brand protection.

Application/Motto: Fuck branding (to the core).

Conclusion: A must-read for everyone who wonder what’s so bad about the WTO, globalization and the mash-up democracy + (very high) corruption in developing countries. Hopefully it will make you think twice before buying a new whatever that you don’t really need.

The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Worth reading: Could be. Depends on how interested you are in obvious facts like the general inability to foresee unforeseeable events, how sloppy the “experts” are in terms of forecasting, how often we tend to focus on  (the rare) successes stories rather on (the much more often) failures or how incorrect is to think that just because something was it will always be.

Word reading twice: No.

Writing style: Angry Finger Waving. Most of the time. Occasional episodes of clarity and serenity. Reminds me of Larry Winget.

Predominant feeling while reading it: Annoyance.

Skipping pages: Yes. Too much mumbo jumbo.

Presence of SPAM: High. Lots of mumbo jumbo, in fact 2/3rds  of the book volume are mumbo jumbo, which could have been bearable if the writing style wasn’t so annoying.

Presence of useful information: Low. Mainly due the different examples, experiments and stories behind them. They were truly interesting and probably the one good reason to read this book.

Topics covered: See ‘Worth reading’.

Application/Motto: Expect the unexpected for it is going happen and you won’t be able to forecast it so better expect it and don’t freak out. Too much.

Conclusion: Reading this book was a little torture due the writing style. It sucked. It was not a waste of time but definitely it is not something I’ll get back to. Ever.

p.s. If you wonder should you read the book – read it.