Expert psychologist suggests the era of genius scientists is over

You can find the article here.

It’s a nice article which I sadly support but for different reasons. You see the issue is not in the current approach in terms of how you work (alone or with(in) a team) neither it is truly related to the incremental advances (which are actually pretty cool). No. It’s the plain old fear.

The thing is that in the past virtually all (of course not all 100%) great discoveries were carried by people and teams that DARED to be wrong. Right now what you have is a vast bunch of conformists, sticking to their financing, laying low, silent, fearful little creatures that follow the ‘general party line’,  afraid not to make an honest mistake and be devoured by their peers. Furthermore honest mistakes are treated as fraud.

The faith of Stanley Pons, Martin Fleischmann and Jacques Benveniste was not that different than the one of  J. Hendrik Schön. – despite the latter being a pure fraudster. Yeah, J. got his PhD revoked. Big difference.

As simple as that. Breakthroughs did not happen out of fear.


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