Brain Rules by John Medina

Worth reading: Yes.Totally. A must to.

Word reading twice: At least 3 times. At least !

Writing style: Awesome.

Predominant feeling while reading it: joy, Joy, JOY !

Skipping pages: No. Are you insane – that’s a masterpiece !

Presence of SPAM: Absent.

Presence of useful information: 100%.

Topics covered: Scientific facts (yet to be refuted) about the way our brain operates…. and all the interesting consequences.

Application/Motto: Universal / Learn about your brain.

Conclusion: A must-read for everyone. Everyone. One of the few books that have only and solely useful information written in a wonderful way by a person that knows how to do it :). Done well done John Medina. That books is a masterpiece in every way.

p.s. One of the best things about this book is the lack of any (and I mean ANY) bullshit. The author is great – simply great. Buy this book, give it as a gift, read it !


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