No Logo by Naomi Klein

Worth reading: Yes.

Word reading twice: Yes, even more.

Writing style: Magazine/Newspaper like. Had the feeling this was one very long and interesting article.

Predominant feeling while reading it: Joy.

Skipping pages: No.

Presence of SPAM: Very low. Mainly due the desire of the author to share additional stories / facts.

Presence of useful information: Very high.

Topics covered: (de)Evolution of our global economy (focus is on the Branding mania). Activism. Loosing jobs and creating ones with more-than-poor working conditions. Companies obsession with brand protection.

Application/Motto: Fuck branding (to the core).

Conclusion: A must-read for everyone who wonder what’s so bad about the WTO, globalization and the mash-up democracy + (very high) corruption in developing countries. Hopefully it will make you think twice before buying a new whatever that you don’t really need.


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